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Commercial & Industrial

In the corporate and commercial world of photography many new and exciting changes are taking place in the photographic industry. The word photography comes from Greek words meaning "to write or draw with light". Even though these changes are taking place, commercial and industrial photographer, Stephen K. Wolfe still falls back on the basics.

In this age of new technology, Stephen K. Wolfe uses all the tools of the trade. Whether it be traditional cameras with film, or digital cameras and devices with electronic capture, Stephen has the know how to communicate. He knowes how to describe a visual idea over the phone, how to clearly communicate a proposal, not only describes how much an image will cost, but conveys your excitement about the project and your ideas about the approach. The end result is to create images to sell or promote your product.

Central Washington's most complete and diverse photographic studios, Stephen K. Wolfe has the talent and qualifications to accommodate your corporate advertising and illustrative imagery.

Our services include commercial photography, advertising photography, industrial photography, architectural photography, annual reports as well as public relations photography.

Stephen K. Wolfe has been working with the corporate and industrial photographic needs of the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years.

Our Client list includes: Irwin Research and Development, Bunzl Extrusion, Washington Beef Shonan (U.S.A.), Inc., Dowty Aerospace, TreeTop, Cascade Natural Gas, Eggzakly, Holiday Inn, Best Western, WestenWilderness Alpine, Trail Wagons, Stock Car Magazine, NASCAR, AbeytaNelson Injury Law, KIMA-TV CBS.

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